Cheap Simple Style PVC Table Mat White Color Anti-Skid Placemat

1.PVC Non-slip Insulation Placemat by the high quality PVC as main material, heat-resisting wear-resisting non-slip, antibacterial flame retardant.
2.It has long and square design, on the desktop mat cup, tableware, concise and easy,  plain and elegant,  also under the vases,  ashtrays set it off.
3.PVC Non-slip Insulation Placemat can prevent the sliding table and burnt mesa.
4.Perfect for everyday use, easy to clean up. Hand wash in warm soapy water and wipe dry.
5.Product surface gloss, and beautiful, both sides can use.
6.The design of the diagonal stripe, can decorate the restaurant and table, is the unique style.
7.When temperature over 245℉ that is 120℃, the placemats may become super soft and may deform.
8. Cutting by hands, occasionally 1-2 mm size error, high quality.

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Products Name Cheap Simple Style PVC Table Mat White Color Anti-Skid Placemat
Material 70%PVC + 30% PET
Color black (NX-DS01), blond(NX-DS03), gold (NX-DS03), coffee(NX-DS04), white (NX-DS05), dark coffee( NX-DS06), silver (NX-DS07), light gold( NX-DS08), brown (NX-DS090)
Type Diagonal Stripe Placemat
Product Size 30cm×45cm


1. Match all kinds of styles of furniture ,they can be placed under cups, table-wares, vases and ashtrays as decorations to your dining tables and tea tables.

2. Used as placemats ,coasters, potholders and heat pads on dining tables, tea tables and pianos.

3. Home, hotel and business offices, conference tables, kitchen tables.

4. Attractive on wood table, use this when eat altogether during the dinner, BBQ and so on.


1. Cleaned with water and dry under the shade.

2. No machine wash or disinfected with microwaves.

3. No more, washed repeatedly.

4. Easy clean with wet cloth, or rinse with little cleaner would make them look as new.


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