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The Role Of Cup Mat
Jul 19, 2017

The first point: heat insulation, protect the desktop from scalding. This is a function that everyone knows; besides, it is a kind of respect for guests because of its heat insulation. Why do you say so? Because when you give guests a cup of tea, if you do not bring a coaster, it may be hot. On the contrary, it will not.

Second: decorative landscaping desktop, we know that there are many types of coasters, and its styles are diverse, for different tea sets or cups, wearing different styles of coasters, bringing people is different feelings. For the host, it is also a taste for the guests.

Third: advertising, promotional gifts, business gifts, such as gifts or souvenirs. Why can be used in such an occasion? Because we can make the coaster brand logo shape, can be made into a simulation model, can also print logo on the coaster, add text ads. they want to do propaganda content. Therefore, coasters can be used as small gifts, become a carrier of publicity.

Fourth: stretch. Let's look at the coasters around us, but these coasters aren't just used for coasters, but also for mats and everything. Such as cups, teapots and so on.