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The Function Of Tableware Mat
Jul 19, 2017

1, protect table cloth: protect table cloth from oil stains, stains, etc., especially for cotton table cloth, use meal mat can completely avoid its not easy to clean the trouble, meal mat easy to change, easy to take care of.

2, heat insulation, sound insulation function: avoid the table is burned or tableware cut.

3, anti-skid function: PVC meal pad another function is that it has anti-skid, shockproof function, can prevent the table tableware and other optional slip, reduce tableware fall, breakage and other accidents.

4, water absorption function: PVC meal pad inside has small suction hole, can be sprinkled on the mat on a small amount of water absorption, so that tableware in dry clean environment.

5, appreciation function: printing pad style, color and design style, can reflect the owner's fashion and cultural taste.

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