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The Floor Mat
Jul 29, 2017

The floor mat is a very small piece of the home, but serves as not a small role at all. The vice President of China Indoor Decoration Association--Song guangsheng says that it’s recommended to put a mat outside the door, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, which can not only have the effect of dustproof, cleaning, also can prevent an accident at the critical moment.

Door: dustproof. Whenever you return your home, there’s numerous bacterium under your shoes. Placing a floor mat in front the door can have an effect of decontamination, scraping the sand, preventing dirt from entering the house and causing pollution. It is better to choose the silk or Z type ground mat, the shoe is on top of the time, very easy scrape dirt and dirt, its material is very absorb ash.

Outside the bathroom: anti-skid. After bathing or showering, the water in the bottom of our slippers will inevitably make the floor of other rooms wet. The floor mat of the bathroom door can act as water absorption, to the maximum extent to prevent accidental occurrence where children and old people's family especially should pay more attention. The floor mat made of cotton or ultrafine fiberpledges, absorbs water very well, better placed outside the bathroom. If there’s a glass shower room, it is suggested putting a floor mat inside so as to prevent anyone from slippery. The floor mat of the shower room is recommended to choose plastic, the bottom of plastic floor mat is anti-skid, wear resistance, water resistance is very good, easy to air dry and not touch water.

Kitchen: anti-pollution. Cooking, washing dishes, pick vegetables, cooking in the kitchen waste such as water, oil, vegetable inevitably spattered on the floor, and cause pollution, to prevent them into the other room on the floor of the kitchen below it is necessary to put a mat. It is recommended to choose cotton qualitative mat in the kitchen, as in’s safer for its natural material and absorbing water and oil well. In addition, the oil renders the kitchen oilier since the environment there is dirty. Floor mat had better choose brunet department, be relatively more resistant to dirty.

Bedroom: guard against cold. Many people like to put floor mat on both sides of the bed, beautiful while still very practical. We can walk barefoot in the evening without catching cold. It is recommended a suede mat in the bedroom. since its soft material makes walking barefoot comfortable, warm, and not easy to produce static electricity, suit the old bedroom and make children room to use.

Song Guangsheng reminds that we should wash floor mat frequently, generally speaking, once a month, especially the doormats, or it will become the source of indoor air pollution. The specific method is to find an empty environment, suede shake out the dust of the floor mat with a mask. Then place it under the tap, pour the appropriate cleaning agent or disinfectant to rinse, the gap section can be treated with the brush. After washing it, the floor mat should be placed in dry, ventilated area hanging to dry, and then put it back to work.