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How To Choose Table Runners?
Jul 19, 2017

1, round table

The desktop can be vertical to large round table at the bottom with large upper cloth, put on a small cloth, in order to increase the sense of gorgeous. Tablecloths are available in darker colors, more sedate and less stain resistant.

2 square table

A square table can be covered in a square cloth bottom, a small square upper cloth or cloth change direction, right at the table the midline of the shop, let the cloth hem triangle pattern, table cloth is the best pattern compared with the atmosphere, not suitable for a single color, it looks natural and warm. Die board.

3 rectangular dining table

Rectangular dining table can be rectangular in the bottom covered with cloth, and then the upper two squares antependium, staggered bedding cover on the desktop; or with two pieces of cloth to make a square, intermediate stagger place can use bows and scarves to fixed, also can achieve the result of above. Table runner is currently very popular table decoration, mat and plain cloth and can use the same color collocation.

4, exquisite fabrics

Table cloth is usually used to protect the table top, avoid greasy dirt, wear and tear, and burn the furniture surface. When choosing the material of table cloth, we should choose the thinner chemical fiber material, and adopt the new high-tech fabric from the aspects of its wearability, washing resistance and so on.

5, color collocation

Also pay attention to color matching, environmental color can affect people's mood at dinner. The color of the restaurant varies greatly due to different tastes and personalities. But generally speaking, it is better to use bright and light colors, and the most suitable is orange. These two colors have the effect of stimulating appetite, they can not only give people a warm feeling, but also can improve the interest of eating. When the furniture is darker, it can be set off by bright, crisp, blue or white, green, white, red and white tablecloth.

6, whether in study or bedroom or restaurants, a good piece of cloth with the indoor environment to coordinate room can considerably, but after all, is supporting the tablecloth and table runner, must not be away from noisy soldiers, not too conspicuous, as far as possible to use color soft texture, elegant color jacquard cloth to make the use of collocation. In the variety choice, plain has always been popular main color change if the tablecloth is broken, can be inlaid on the embroidery, with flowers to make up.

7, in choosing tablecloths, do not just blind pursuit of beauty, and ignore its usefulness. You should choose a suitable table before choosing the right table cloth. It is the key to choose a table every day when you eat at home and how many people you eat. Next, you can choose a table cloth, in the choice must not because you like a particular style or color and ignore the size. The beginning of a new life begins with a new home. Doing everything is the same as running a family. Harmony is the key.