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Cup Mat Making
Jul 19, 2017

The production process is very simple and personality Coasters

1, make a paper coaster, choose materials directly, cut according to requirements.

2, making plastic coasters, the same choice of good materials, you can also tailor their own.

3, metal coasters look at the beauty of specific requirements, if it is not much demand, you can buy some cheap, easy to handle aluminum slices, etc., you can tailor your own.

4, wooden coasters are relatively simple, a little understanding of sawing process can do.

5, using a glue to do crafts coasters pressed flower is the most beautiful flower. The pressed flower key chain pendant and a unique and delicate, like amber, crystal clear, colorful flowers in bloom. In fact, to make such a craft is not very difficult to bet good flowers placed in a fixed position, then A, B glue with 1: 3 ratio (V evenly transparent color is uniform), and then put it in the drop placed on the flowers, so it is natural to dry after you have successfully beautiful frame, the exquisite crafts is that you do not see any traces of the hand. The most amazing is that not only can be pressed flower flowers. Freeze, through the wonderful idea, can also be a good bet and clip spliced into different patterns. You can cut morning glories into small girls' flying skirts, cut the leaves into grapes, and change the snapdragon into soft willow branches...... What is most enjoyable is that you can freely organize them into different pictures, and hang them in a picture frame, which becomes a unique art.