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What kind of tablecloth can make the room more beautiful?
Jul 19, 2017

First of all, the main color of the house, you can take a contrast color to create a sense of beauty. If the home is warm and wants to make tablecloths out of color, use cold tones, and vice versa. From the color, if you want to make summer restaurant brighter, such as cloth can choose light color, like that, Macarons like colorful pink color, can give people a sense of warmth. If you want the effect is more obvious, hope to have a bright feeling, can be a solid color cloth. For example, bright yellow, sky blue, fruit green, etc., these vivid colors can make the whole space more clear. In addition, also from the table (table decoration renderings) color to light color collocation, dark tables can be exaggerated tablecloths, such as beige table collocation red yellow blue plaid tablecloth; dark table can collocation light colored cloth.

A choice of solid colors, checks, stripes, and cartoon patterns. The patterns should be chosen according to personal preference. Plaid cloth to give a person a kind of American (American decoration renderings) garden (garden renovation renderings) and refreshing, relative all-match color and stripe pattern, no matter what kind of Home Furnishing style can match. The cartoon tablecloths with tropical plants and birds are all tropical, and they can also enhance the brightness of tablecloths and make them more lively and interesting.

The tablecloth is general cotton, polyester material, Chinese (Chinese decoration renderings) decoration can choose silk class. The tablecloths and cotton material, modern pastoral style match, gorgeous silk material can be used in New Oriental, new classical style Home Furnishing. Linen and polyester material cloth processing in antifouling, as for cotton, silk cloth materials need to hand wash. Now there is a PVC material tablecloth, easy to clean, wipe with a cloth as clean as new. If you have children at home and want to be beautiful while you don't want to mess up tablecloths, you might as well add a layer of transparent PV C material to the tablecloth. In a word, the choice of table cloth matches with the style and tone of the house, and also can be chosen according to the personality of the host.

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