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What kind of Table Runners is good?
Jul 19, 2017

The cloth material we usually use can be divided into plastic and textile according to the production process. Plastic tablecloth include: PVC, EVA, PEVA cloth cloth, cloth, cotton cloth pyrographic substrate PVC PP tablecloth, table cloth; textile cloth including: cotton knitted lace tablecloth, mercerized cotton net cloth, polyester warp knitted jacquard cloth, jacquard cloth, cotton mercerized cotton woven polyester cotton plain weave printing cloth, embroidery cloth flax knitted lace cloth, polyester linen woven tablecloths.

Plastic tablecloth:

The practicability of the tablecloth is mostly PVC texture, while the PVC tablecloth is made of cotton substrate, and the quality of PVC tablecloth is most guaranteed. The bottom of the tablecloth is covered with a layer of cotton bottom, which makes it soft and easy to fold, and avoids the hard and brittle defects of the traditional PVC tablecloth. And, this kind of tablecloth does not look like traditional plastic tablecloth, the color is too onefold, dark heavy, the color and pattern of flowers are various, it is easy to match a variety of decoration style, it is a good choice of soft decoration.

Textile table cloth:

Textile tablecloths are mostly decorative, fabric fabric fabric is also very healthy, good moisture absorption, skin toning, pre shrinking treatment, feel comfortable, fabric tight. This kind of tablecloth is mercerized and bright, soft and bright colored. It is the most common kind of tablecloth in life. The cotton cloth is a good fabric, texture is very good, very durable, this kind of material for environmental protection and health, is the pursuit of a variety of natural things. And satin tablecloths are more used in hotels, dinners, weddings, silk home table cloth looks more magnificent, noble, very realistic host status.

In the choice of cloth material, it should be considered from the wear resistance, washing resistance and so on, should try to use thinner fiber materials, because the cotton fabric thick, very easy to absorb food odors and not easily dispersed, not conducive to the restaurant sanitation. General plastic tablecloth, easy to clean, suitable for family use.

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