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What is the main use of the Table Runner?
Jul 19, 2017

The table flag has two kinds: one is the desk, the other is a Home Furnishing decorative gift. The two is play the role of decoration is placed on a desk or table desk. It not only represents the position of the state, unit or individual, but also plays a decorative role. Home Furnishing decorative gift Home Furnishing decorative gift table table or the living room at home. Home Furnishing decorative gift gift play a decorative role in furniture, is a traditional Chinese Home Furnishing decorations, in South Korea is also often used in home decoration gift is a taste of ornaments, not only to the overall decoration and tableware, tables and chairs and even tone home coordination, but also to improve the taste and style the role of. Choose a unique texture of the gift can make the layout of the home is more elegant. It originated from Chinese traditional culture. 

As a kind of decoration is often spread on the table or on the diagonal line, and the guests at the table when you talk, this gift will make your guests feel thick cultural atmosphere: ancient and mysterious and colorful Oriental people always unpredictable. Gift is generally made of fine silk or cotton cloth is made of a series of. The table flag shall be coordinated with the surrounding environment, the object, the overall decoration color, enhance the taste and style of the role. At the same time gift an important role is to protect the desktop.

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