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The material of our placemats
Jan 06, 2018

Our placemats' material is Shuttle free machine production of special textile composite yarn with special coating structure, namely PVC/PET skin core yarn.High strength polyester industrial filament is used in the core.The cortex is a PVC material that is resistant to aging and anti ultraviolet radiation.Polyester filament extension package, through the light cooling to form a smooth surface, waterproof, oil proof, non-toxic, cool sense of the composite line.The warp yarn is woven through the intelligent warping mechanism, and without sizing, it is woven directly on the winding rapier loom and rearranged into the final product.

Material: 70%PVC, 30% high strength polyester yarn. Production process: 1, environmental protection, 2 native PVC color colored PVC high-strength polyester yarn, 3 Pack abdominal tube around the whole warp 4, loom 5, mending heat treatment complete network cloth production processing workshop 6, according to the size, cutting processing, sewing, finally complete a variety of products, such as beach chair, sunshade curtain, gardening, construction and agricultural use protective fence, decoration, mat, cushion pads, coasters, table cloth, carpet, cloth etc..


With bright colors do not fade, high tension, water and oil resistant UV aging resistance, abrasion resistance, decay resistance, chemical resistance, non-toxic, smooth cool, good air permeability, the advantages of long service life, the perfect combination of two kinds of materials to make products tessforest it is widely applied to rise above the common herd, Placemat, outdoor furniture beach chair, sunshade, curtains and so on! Now the products made in abroad, placemat is a successful example!



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