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The choose of placemats knowledge
Dec 20, 2017

placemats is a kind of protection, decoration meal used items from the table. Commonly used materials such as cotton, hemp, bamboo, paper cloth.

Cotton placemats:

Water imbibition is strong, easy to clean, can drip on mat towel when buying, the absorbing water speed.

Hemp placemats:

Residence inside, good durability; Available hands with the placemat, look at how much pulled away, the bigger the better.

Bamboo placemats:

Thermal insulation, best can effectively prevent damage of the hot items on the table; Can use a cup of hot water to field test the heat insulation effect.

Paper cloth of eat mat:

The latest environmental protection material, has good thermal insulation, but This kind of table mat cannot be washed with water Plastic table mat:

Environmental protection PVC placemats, EVA placemats at present relatively popular, light environmental protection, novel styles, and suitable for surface printing a variety of patterns. PVC placemats, silicone placemats, simple sense is good, can use again and again, bright color, surface can make all sorts of design.

The color of the product how to choose?

White or colorless effect:Bring a person the sense of nature and steady. 

Plaid: leisure atmosphere of family atmosphere. 

Dark Blue: composed and dignified feeling, dirt is not very obvious.

PVC placemats

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