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Small fresh tablecloth in an outdoor dining room
Jul 19, 2017

An excellent tablecloth can not only show the owner's unique aesthetic and artistic taste, but also greatly increase the appetite of diners. Small fresh tablecloth romantic, modern pure pastoral style and simple fashion, good together. Easy to shop, easy to take, easy to replace and clean, style is also more casual, refreshing, give your home atmosphere.

The probability of outdoor cloth used in the process of fouling will be higher than the other table, so in the choice of fabric: cotton, cotton, silk and other fabrics, washing resistance and environmental protection! Environmental protection is more suitable for outdoor use, soft touch also makes skin contact more comfortable.

So, how about this piece of maintenance? In the use of table cloth, it is easy to get greasy dirt and so on. It is especially easy to dirty. Then, how do you clean the table cloth more effectively? Different stains cleaning methods are different. Vinegar, wine, sugar, salt and other water-soluble stains, before cleaning, vinegar, salt, etc. can be used to soak the table cloth, three minutes later removed, washed and dried. Grease and protein stains should be removed with alkaline solution, soaked in alkaline solution for 15 minutes, washed in accordance with the normal cleaning procedures, drying, drying can be.

Finally, remind the outdoor table cloth how you can choose: first of all, to consider whether you can match the clean and tidy table. There is also the color and style, and whether their own style of decoration match, this is the first choice of table cloth to take into account. Again can according to the season and the occasion is different, to choose the change of tablecloth!

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