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Jacquard tablecloth and table flag selection and match
Jul 19, 2017

Whether it is in the library, or restaurants, a good piece of cloth with the indoor environment to coordinate room can considerably, but after all, is supporting the tablecloth and table runner, must not be away from noisy soldiers, not too conspicuous, as far as possible to use color soft texture, elegant color jacquard cloth to make use of collocation.

In the variety choice, plain has always been popular main color invariant.

The gift to the material collocation and desktop coordination in color selection can be relatively bold, but don't let people have unexpected feeling, can also be some decorations to collocation to resolve the conflict on the vision, to increase the home environment elegant atmosphere.

Since it is to upgrade the quality of accessories, in the choice of the tablecloth and table runner, don't choose fabrics rough, vulgar showy style pattern.

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