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How to clean the table cloth
Jul 19, 2017

The main reason for the mildew of the tablecloth is moisture. It is suggested that the clothes be cleaned in time and stored in the dry place after drying thoroughly. Mildew is difficult to remove, the different cleaning methods with different colors and textures of clothes. 

1, if it is a white cotton, linen, polyester cloth, can use net to remove mildew blue moonlight white clothes color stain: 

(1) first use liquid detergent wash cloth; 

(2) in the basin of water (about 2 liters) added in the blue moon white clothes stain (600g net specifications) 1 caps (40 grams), stir well, add white clothes soak for 30 minutes, rinse clean. If 2 hours after soaking, there is still no stains removed, take out the tablecloth, and then add 1 bottle cap to the product, stir well, put the tablecloth, continue to soak. Total soaking time is not more than 6 hours. Note: do not use liquid stock directly. 

2 color white tablecloth, and other materials, can use the blue color clothes with moonlight color stain net net collar remove Meiban: 

(1) first use liquid detergent wash cloth; 

(2) to the pot pour a small amount of water (about 0.5 liters), with blue moonlight color clothing color stain (600g net specifications) cap amount take the color clothing color stain, net net collar 1.5 bottle (60 grams) into the water, stir well. Put in tablecloth, soak overnight, rinse thoroughly. * consumption should be Taiwan announced the wet clothes color color stain and collar net net amount according to the corresponding changes in water. If there is still no stains soak overnight after removal, continue to extend the immersion time 

(mildew is difficult to remove, generally need to soak a few days). Attention: color clothes stains are not suitable for easy fading clothes and dry cleaning clothes. If you don't know the fabric, you can try it in the clothes hiding place first

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