why we need placemats ?

The mat is a kind of food goods that can protect and decorate the table. General use cotton, hemp, bamboo, paper cloth and other materials.

The color is beautiful and diverse, more close to people’s life, stronger friction to prevent glass, porcelain cup from falling.

When people eat at home, when the dishes are sometimes hot, they need a cushion to protect the table from damage or burns to their hands. Food mat is used for dining room, family and other places, can also be used as advertising accessories to improve the image. The colorful plastic food mat adds the company, the enterprise LOGO is more prominent .

1, to protect the table cloth: to protect the table cloth from oily be soiled, dirt, etc, especially for cotton cloth, make dining mat can completely avoid the trouble not easy to clean, eat mat easy change, easy do.Heat insulation and sound insulation: avoid the table from being scalded or cut by the tableware.

2.Anti-skid function: another effect of PVC dinner mat is that it has anti-skid and shock-proof function, which can prevent the tableware on the table from sliding at will, and reduce the accident of tableware fall and damage.

3.Water absorption function: there is a small suction hole in the inside of the PVC dining mat, which can absorb a small amount of water spilled on the dining mat and make the tableware in a dry and clean environment.

4.Appreciation function: the design, color and design style of printed food cushion can reflect the owner’s fashion and cultural taste.



Classification of placemats

Table MATS are common household items used to protect and decorate tables. Although table mat is so close to our life, but what classification of mat has and how to choose mat is not everybody knows.
What kind of cushions are there
1.Wooden placemats.
Wooden tablet mat is a practical and durable, but compared with PVC mat, silicone placemats and other table mats, the color of wooden table will be slightly monotonous, the types will also less.
2.Plastic placemats.
The ingredients of the plastic food mat are mainly PVC plastic. Plastic is easy to make, so the plastic table mat can make brand, cartoon and simulation models. In addition, plastic meal mat is also easy to add patterns and patterns, decorative effect is particularly good, can bring visual impact.
3. Silicone placemats
Silicone meal mat is a kind of new fashion food mat, its use of environmental protection material, in line with the green living standards. Silicone meal mat also has strong heat insulation. Although silicone meal mat is green environmental protection and practical, but corresponding, its cost is also higher than meal mat.
4. Bamboo dinner mat.
Bamboo dinner mat are made of bamboo. In so many kinds of meal mat, the heat insulation of bamboo meal mat is best, can protect table very good not to be damaged by hot pot. In addition to the above a few common table mat, and there has to be strong water imbibitions , easy to clean cotton eat mat, insect-resistant moth-proofing, durability, good hemp table mat, and environmental protection heat insulation paper but there is no water to wash cloth of eat mat.

Table manners in mind as you eat

Table manners have evolved over centuries to make the practice of eating with others pleasant and sociable. With so many table manners to keep track, keep these basic, but oh-so-important, table manners in mind as you eat
1. Chew with your mouth closed.
2. Keep your smartphone off the table and set to silent or vibrate. Wait to check calls and texts until you are finished with the meal and away from the table.
3. Don’t use your utensils like a shovel or stab your food.
4. Don’t pick your teeth at the table.
5. Remember to use your napkin.
6. Wait until you’re done chewing to sip or swallow a drink. (Choking is clearly an exception.)
7. Cut only one piece of food at a time.
8. Avoid slouching and don’t place your elbows on the table while eating (though it is okay to prop your elbows on the table while conversing between courses, and always has been, even in Emily’s day).
9. Instead of reaching across the table for something, ask for it to be passed to you.
10. Take part in the dinner conversation.

How To Clean Cleaning Table Runners

The cloth after use, immediately it was washed, so that the best cleaning effect, especially the vinegar, wine, sugar, salt and other water soluble stains before washing, salt, vinegar can be used for soaking on the tablecloth, removed the cleaning and drying after three minutes, can effectively remove the vinegar, wine, sugar, salt and other stains.
Oil stains and protein whichemploys with alkaline solutions were removed, the method is: 5ml 5L in alkaline solution into the water, completely dissolved, put the tablecloth and boiling for about 5 minutes, until the oil and protein stains disappear completely, to clean it out.
Pigment stains can be removed with bleach, and then washed, the method is: 5L water in 50g, add bleach, soak for 5 minutes, after the removal of pigment stains, cleaning, throwing dry.
If you are contaminated with oil stains, you can dip your toothbrush into the detergent and rub it gently. Then wipe it with a toothbrush and then wipe it with a clean piece of cotton cloth. If worn fabrics can use detergent scrub gently special. Washing should not be soaked in water for too long, about half an hour or so. Soft wash, should not be forced to rub and wring dry. It can be left in the washing machine. Should be hung in ventilated place to dry, avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, to prevent fading.
After eating, the tablecloth will be stained with oil stains, and try the following methods
1, the first cloth pollution partly immersed in 60 hot water, a moment out, sprinkle a small amount of alkali powder and the same amount of washing powder, hand scrub. Rinse with water and then wash it with detergent.
2, the soap is chopped with boiling water rushed after, will put the soap in the wash cloth.
3, take a little flour, with cold water into paste, painted in the oil on the positive and negative sides, drying, exposing flour, oil is removed.
4, with mung bean powder coated on the thick oil, and then use the electric iron while hot oil is removed.

Selection Of Tableware Mats

Tableware pad of many materials, each has its advantages and strengths, different tableware can also match different materials of tableware pad, reflect your life taste
1, wooden tableware pad: practical strong, but also more durable, but the color type is too monotonous;
2, bamboo mat, bamboo mat, heat insulation, can effectively prevent the damage of hot table, some bamboo mat is made into a variety of cute and beautiful shape, can show the characteristics of bamboo itself is perfect;
3, plastic meal pad: environmental protection PP meal pad, EVA meal pad is more popular, light quality, environmental protection, fashionable, and suitable for printing a variety of patterns on the surface. For example, cartoon modeling, brand modeling, simulation model and so on, plus patterns, patterns more prominent, not only practical, but also to play a very good visual effect;
4, silica gel meal pad: texture is good, you can try again and again, bright colors, the surface can make a variety of patterns, never fade. Because of the environmental protection of silica gel material, so from the practical and environmental point of view, I suggest you use more silica gel meal pad, and in the market, silica gel pad is very common, easy to buy;
5, cotton meal pad: this meal pad made of cotton or cotton pads, water absorption is strong, can effectively control the heat of tableware, and it is also easy to clean, soft material. Xiao Bian prefers this kind of mat because it has many colors and can be matched with scenes.

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Variety Of Table Runners

According to the production process can be divided into two categories of plastics and textiles.
PVC EVA plastic tablecloth, table cloth, PEVA cloth, cotton cloth, pyrographic cloth, PP cloth and PVC substrate.
A textile knitted lace tablecloth, mercerized cotton cloth, polyester jacquard warp knitting net cloth, jacquard cloth, polyester cotton mercerized cotton woven polyester cotton plain weave printing cloth, embroidered tablecloths, flax knitted lace cloth, polyester linen woven applique tablecloth etc..
According to the scope of use can be divided into round table cloth, table edging square flat table cloth, table cloth, round insert ear lace tablecloth, bedroom bedroom nightstand Table Rectangular tassel lace tablecloth, tablecloth, bedroom nightstand Bedroom Table Rectangular tassel tablecloth, a round table of nonwoven cloth etc..
According to its use, can be divided into practical and decorative two broad categories. Practical tablecloth, also known as disposable tablecloth, plastic material based. But the practical table cloth mostly takes the PVC texture as the main material, among which the quality of the cotton substrate PVC tablecloth is most guaranteed.

Classification Of Cup Mat

cup mat according to the material can be divided into the following:
1. paper coasters usually due to its own fragile characteristics, can not be washed with water, usually a one-time.
2. wooden coasters wooden coasters practical relatively strong, but also more durable, but the color is too monotonous with the species.
3. plastic coasters PVC plastic made of plastic coasters, many shapes, such as cartoon modeling, brand modeling, simulation model, etc., plus the company, corporate LOGO more prominent, not only practical, but also can play very well The visual effects and advertising effects. In addition, the use of PP material manufacturing coasters, as well as PP top plus EVA bottom combination of coasters in foreign countries are also more popular.
4. metal coasters mainly tinplate, the same lightweight, durable.
5. embers the coaster to capture the flowers in full bloom in nature, after finishing, processing, the use of special tools for dehydration, so as to maintain the original color, and then after the author’s design, design, paste made into a new shape, Give it a new life.
6. silicone coasters as long as the use of food-grade silicone on the human body harmless and safe non-toxic, so useful “multi-color one molding process” can be more colorful appearance. Is one of the most popular advertising promotional gifts.

What Kind Of Material Is Good For The Placemat?

When people eat at home and occasionally when the dishes are very hot, they need a table mat to protect the table, so as not to damage the table or burn the hand. Cotton Mat: this mat mat made use of cotton or cotton, absorbent, tableware can effectively control the heat, and it is easy to clean, soft texture, and elegant tableware collocation use, can reflect a life of high quality. Ma Ma, mat mat mat, as the name suggests is with linen material made of, this is a kind of mat mat is very strong, generally used for a very long time, good durability, and it has the effect of mothproof, from the objective to extend service life of mat. Bamboo mat: the bamboo mat, heat insulation, can effectively prevent the damage of hot table, some bamboo mat is made into a variety of cute and beautiful shape, can show the characteristics of bamboo itself is perfect. Paper cloth meal mat: the latest environmental protection material processing, heat insulation is better, but not washable. Plastic food cushion: environmental protection PP mat, EVA meal mat is popular at present, light quality, environmental protection, fashionable, and suitable for printing a variety of patterns on the surface. Silicone mat: good texture, you can try again and again, the color is bright, the surface can make all kinds of patterns, never fade! And can do logo.

The Floor Mat

The floor mat is a very small piece of the home, but serves as not a small role at all. The vice President of China Indoor Decoration Association–Song guangsheng says that it’s recommended to put a mat outside the door, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, which can not only have the effect of dustproof, cleaning, also can prevent an accident at the critical moment.
Door: dustproof. Whenever you return your home, there’s numerous bacterium under your shoes. Placing a floor mat in front the door can have an effect of decontamination, scraping the sand, preventing dirt from entering the house and causing pollution. It is better to choose the silk or Z type ground mat, the shoe is on top of the time, very easy scrape dirt and dirt, its material is very absorb ash.
Outside the bathroom: anti-skid. After bathing or showering, the water in the bottom of our slippers will inevitably make the floor of other rooms wet. The floor mat of the bathroom door can act as water absorption, to the maximum extent to prevent accidental occurrence where children and old people’s family especially should pay more attention. The floor mat made of cotton or ultrafine fiberpledges, absorbs water very well, better placed outside the bathroom. If there’s a glass shower room, it is suggested putting a floor mat inside so as to prevent anyone from slippery. The floor mat of the shower room is recommended to choose plastic, the bottom of plastic floor mat is anti-skid, wear resistance, water resistance is very good, easy to air dry and not touch water.
Kitchen: anti-pollution. Cooking, washing dishes, pick vegetables, cooking in the kitchen waste such as water, oil, vegetable inevitably spattered on the floor, and cause pollution, to prevent them into the other room on the floor of the kitchen below it is necessary to put a mat. It is recommended to choose cotton qualitative mat in the kitchen, as in’s safer for its natural material and absorbing water and oil well. In addition, the oil renders the kitchen oilier since the environment there is dirty. Floor mat had better choose brunet department, be relatively more resistant to dirty.
Bedroom: guard against cold. Many people like to put floor mat on both sides of the bed, beautiful while still very practical. We can walk barefoot in the evening without catching cold. It is recommended a suede mat in the bedroom. since its soft material makes walking barefoot comfortable, warm, and not easy to produce static electricity, suit the old bedroom and make children room to use.
Song Guangsheng reminds that we should wash floor mat frequently, generally speaking, once a month, especially the doormats, or it will become the source of indoor air pollution. The specific method is to find an empty environment, suede shake out the dust of the floor mat with a mask. Then place it under the tap, pour the appropriate cleaning agent or disinfectant to rinse, the gap section can be treated with the brush. After washing it, the floor mat should be placed in dry, ventilated area hanging to dry, and then put it back to work.

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