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4PCS Gift Box Package

  • Environmental Friendly PVC Placemats For Dining Room

    Environmental Friendly PVC Placemats For Dining Room

    Fob Price is $ 1.75 / PVC Box FUNCTION DESCRIPTION: 1. Easy to replace and take care. 2. Have a good function of practicability and decorations. Placed under fairly hot pot on dining table and often moving objects in the kitchen to avoid the desktop scratches. 3. High-quality...Read More
  • Custom Advertising Promotional Placemats

    Custom Advertising Promotional Placemats

    Fob price is $ 1.75 / PVC Box. Features: Special material: made of environmentally PVC and Polyester material; Durable and foldable. Heat-insulation and non-slip: effective insulation could reach to 80℃, and could protect your table from scratches and stains. Easy-cleaning:...Read More
  • Hot Selling Table PVC Placemats

    Hot Selling Table PVC Placemats

    FOB PRICE Is $ 1.75 / PVC Box. PRODUCT FEATURE: Fashion and brand new placemats fully show elegant greasy dirt can be easy to clean, washable and heat-resistant. Various kinds of designs to be chosen to match the decoration of your family. The use of placemats show fashion...Read More
  • Professional PVC Placemats

    Professional PVC Placemats

    FOB Price is $ 2.00 / PVC BOX PVC Placemat, a perfect addition to your dinner table! 1. Benefit: *The placemats protect and bring style to your dinner table *It will help improve y o ur dining experience and impress your guests. *Easy care, wipe clean, makes this ideal for...Read More
  • PVC Bamboo Placemats For Dining Table

    PVC Bamboo Placemats For Dining Table

    FOB PRICE Is $1.88 PVC Box. Features: Due to packing method, these placemats come rolled and maybe they will be curly when you receive it, just rolling them in reverse direction, the fibers will instantly straighten out and the placemat will lay flat. It will help improve...Read More
  • Cheap Custom Soft PVC Placemats

    Cheap Custom Soft PVC Placemats

    Fob Price Is $ 1.63/ PVC Box. Description s : 1.CONVENIENT STORAGE - 4 or 6 pieces table mat multiply to cover a 6' table dinner or larger. Each placemat are measured approx 1 millimeters thickness, stack them together for easy and minimal storage space,very convenient...Read More
  • PVC Custom Printed Placemat

    PVC Custom Printed Placemat

    FOB PRICE Is $ 1.63/ PVC Box. Product Feature: 1.Fashion placemats fully show elegant and high-quality. Greasy dirt can be easy clean, washable and heat-resistant 2.Best Quality item with stylish design,non-slip features to protect tables from scratching. 3.Various colors to...Read More
  • Dining Table Mat/ PVC Placemats

    Dining Table Mat/ PVC Placemats

    FOB PRICE Is $ 1.63 / PVC Box. CareInstructions: 1.Cleaned with water, fast dry under theshade. 2.No machine wash or disinfected withmicrowaves. Clean with water under temperature 60°C(140°F) 3.If there is a crease on it,you can ironit to make it flat as new. 4.Easy clean...Read More
  • New Waterproof PVC Insulation Dining Table Placemats

    New Waterproof PVC Insulation Dining Table Placemats

    FOB PRICE Is $ 1.88 / PVC Box. Descriptions: Material:These PVC Place Mats are made of 70% PVC and 30% polyester yarn,which makes this place mats sets are co-friendly and safe for dinner table use The dinner table mats effective insulation could reach to 80℃, could protect...Read More
  • Hotel Or Home Useed PVC Placemats

    Hotel Or Home Useed PVC Placemats

    Fob Price Is $ 1.88 / PVC Box. Details: Top Finel offer these weapons placemats are made of high quality PVC. Add some fun to your table with Valdler placemats! Protecting your table with these placemats and perfect for everyday use. Now available in multiple patterns and...Read More
  • Factory Supplier PVC Placemats

    Factory Supplier PVC Placemats

    FOB PRICE Is $ 1.88 / PVC Box. Deconovo PVC Placemats Woven Vinyl Washable Table Mats 1.Deconovo PVC placemats are made of high quality environmentally PVC, very durable, easy to clean. non-fading. 2.The size is 17.7x11.8 Inch /45x30cm. 3.It is appropriate for restaurant,...Read More
  • Custom Heat Protection PVC Kitchen Table Placemat

    Custom Heat Protection PVC Kitchen Table Placemat

    Fob Price is $ 2.00 PVC Box. Product Features: 1.Unique Design. It looks very pretty and elegant. 2. Cleaned with water and dry under the shade. 3. No machinewash or disinfected with microwaves. 4 No more washed repeatedly. 5. Easy clean with wet cloth, or rinse with little...Read More
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