why we need placemats ?

why we need placemats ?

The mat is a kind of food goods that can protect and decorate the table. General use cotton, hemp, bamboo, paper cloth and other materials.

The color is beautiful and diverse, more close to people’s life, stronger friction to prevent glass, porcelain cup from falling.

When people eat at home, when the dishes are sometimes hot, they need a cushion to protect the table from damage or burns to their hands. Food mat is used for dining room, family and other places, can also be used as advertising accessories to improve the image. The colorful plastic food mat adds the company, the enterprise LOGO is more prominent .

1, to protect the table cloth: to protect the table cloth from oily be soiled, dirt, etc, especially for cotton cloth, make dining mat can completely avoid the trouble not easy to clean, eat mat easy change, easy do.Heat insulation and sound insulation: avoid the table from being scalded or cut by the tableware.

2.Anti-skid function: another effect of PVC dinner mat is that it has anti-skid and shock-proof function, which can prevent the tableware on the table from sliding at will, and reduce the accident of tableware fall and damage.

3.Water absorption function: there is a small suction hole in the inside of the PVC dining mat, which can absorb a small amount of water spilled on the dining mat and make the tableware in a dry and clean environment.

4.Appreciation function: the design, color and design style of printed food cushion can reflect the owner’s fashion and cultural taste.



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