Classification of placemats

Classification of placemats

Table MATS are common household items used to protect and decorate tables. Although table mat is so close to our life, but what classification of mat has and how to choose mat is not everybody knows.
What kind of cushions are there
1.Wooden placemats.
Wooden tablet mat is a practical and durable, but compared with PVC mat, silicone placemats and other table mats, the color of wooden table will be slightly monotonous, the types will also less.
2.Plastic placemats.
The ingredients of the plastic food mat are mainly PVC plastic. Plastic is easy to make, so the plastic table mat can make brand, cartoon and simulation models. In addition, plastic meal mat is also easy to add patterns and patterns, decorative effect is particularly good, can bring visual impact.
3. Silicone placemats
Silicone meal mat is a kind of new fashion food mat, its use of environmental protection material, in line with the green living standards. Silicone meal mat also has strong heat insulation. Although silicone meal mat is green environmental protection and practical, but corresponding, its cost is also higher than meal mat.
4. Bamboo dinner mat.
Bamboo dinner mat are made of bamboo. In so many kinds of meal mat, the heat insulation of bamboo meal mat is best, can protect table very good not to be damaged by hot pot. In addition to the above a few common table mat, and there has to be strong water imbibitions , easy to clean cotton eat mat, insect-resistant moth-proofing, durability, good hemp table mat, and environmental protection heat insulation paper but there is no water to wash cloth of eat mat.

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